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Hapedge is not only for just mega content creators, influencers and celebrities. For us, if you are digitally connected with more than 2000 people through any Social Media Network, Messaging App or Blogging Platform than you are an Influencer

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Signup as an influencer and become the part of world’s most Influential Community. Hapedge is a platform where a community of influencers helps the businesses to grow.

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Verify each of your social media accounts by posting the Hapedge Standard Post & Get Rs. 200 per handle verification.

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Accept lead campaigns & launch the campaigns on your social media handles. Get a dedicated URL, and track real-time campaign status, lead auction status and payouts from your dashboard.

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Check the complete campaign details & accept branding campaign requests from our Hapedge Business Partners.

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Get paid for every auctioned lead generated through your Lead Campaigns and Every Branding Campaign you Accepted. Get Monthly Payout from Hapedge Wallet to your Bank Account.

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Hapedge influencers get a payout based on the real-time ad auction lead and followers/impression pricing. You get to know your real-time earning, before accepting the campaign request.

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