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No need to Search, Chat, Shortlist, Negotiate, Sign Contracts and Pay each of the Shortlisted influencers, Hapedge is a completely automated & tech-driven advertising platform. Hapedge is for all sizes of business from Local Stores or Small brands to large enterprises or global brands

Become Hapedge Business Partner

Register as a business and become Hapedge Business Partner to grow your business. Hapedge provides advertising solutions to businesses of all sizes from small to large enterprises. Create completely tech-driven leads and branding campaigns based on your marketing goals and budget.

Using AI to Allocate Campaigns Only to the Right Influencers

Hapedge automatically allocates the campaigns to the right influencers, based on the advertising goals of the business such as the business category, keywords, location, gender, pricing and others. No need to search, chat, shortlist and negotiate with influencers, as Hapedge is a completely automated & tech-driven advertising platform.

Create Lead Campaign

Set up lead campaigns to get High-Quality Exclusive Leads generated by influencers for your business based on your targeted business category, keywords, target location and targeted customers, for less than the price of search engine and social media lead ad campaigns.

Create Branding Campaign

Promote your business in local, national and international markets with the help of the Hapedge Influencers Network from all across social media platforms. Hapedge is not just to get the content created by celebrity influencers, the businesses can use their own content and advertise through the small to celebrity influencers.

Flexible Budget

Set a campaign budget as per your Marketing Budget and Advertising Goals. Pay only for the Leads and Reach your business has achieved. Get the estimated cost of the campaign as you set the lead and impression target, and pay only for the result you received.

Campaign Tracking & Analytics

Track and analyse your campaign performance, cost, and delivery in real-time. Our platform will automatically enhance your campaign performance with time, based on your marketing goals and budget.

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