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We Follow 4 steps to Grow Business

Register as a Business Partner

Become a Hapedge Business Partner to reach your target audience. Hapedge provides AI-powered, fully automated, technology-driven, and result-oriented advertising solutions to our business partners.


Create Lead and Branding Campaigns

Set up campaigns based on your marketing goals to generate high-quality exclusive leads, website visits, brand awareness, and store visits.


Campaign Allocation to the Right Influencers

Using AI, Hapedge automatically allocates campaigns to the right influencers based on the advertising goals of the business.


Campaign Tracking & Analytics

Have full control over your campaigns with Hapedge Analytics. The business can track and analyse campaign performance, cost, and delivery in real time.


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What we do

Partner with Hapedge to find the right customers for your business.

Hapedge provides low-cost lead, branding and advertising solutions for businesses of all sizes in just a few clicks. Create, manage & track the performance of your campaign through one platform.

Create a Lead Campaign to get High-Quality Exclusive Leads generated by millions of Hapedge influencers for your business and set up Branding Campaigns as per your advertising goals in Just a few clicks with the help of our Hapedge Experts.

Hapedge helps local stores, small businesses, to big brands reach their potential customers and grow their businesses with flexible budgets and marketing goals.

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What we do

Unlock your earning potential by joining Hapedge Influencer Network.

Join the Hapedge Influencers Network, launch lead campaigns in more than 100 business categories, and sell the leads through our automated tech-driven auction platform to businesses.

Accept branding requests from businesses and promote them on your social media handle to earn from every post you do.

Signup as Influencer and Verify your Social Media Accounts to earn up to Rs. 2,000

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Why Hapedge

Designed for Small Businesses to Global Brands and Nano to Mega Influencers

Hapedge is designed for individuals with 2K+ followers, mega-stars, and businesses aiming to promote their services and generate leads from specific cities or worldwide.

Let AI help you find the best influencers

No need to Search, Chat, Shortlist, Negotiate, Explain, Negotiate and Pay to each influencer. Enjoy the automatic campaign approval, allocation, and pay-outs with Hapedge.

Realtime Pricing and Pay-outs

Ad-Auction based real-time campaign pricing for the business and pay-outs to the influencers

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